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HP Workpath

PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath

The PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath provides simple, secure, plug-and-play printing for any business or public printing location. The PrinterOn secure release software can be installed directly on HP printers that support the HP Workpath (formerly HP JetAdvantage Link) platform, which turns them into a cloud print solution and eliminates the need for any extra equipment.

By enabling the PrinterOn Agent software and registering the HP printer with PrinterOn, you can make your printer available to anybody, even if they are not connected to the same network as your printer. With just a few configuration steps, you can have your printer installed and ready to receive print jobs. The PrinterOn  Agent for HP Workpath supports both PrinterOn Public and PrinterOn Enterprise editions, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that is right for you.

Because the PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath is available through HP Command Center, you can take advantage of the many app- and device-management features of can be installed and configured for the printer remotely, through HP Command Center.

Benefits of the PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath

  • Available through HP Command Center, so it can be deployed to multiple HP printers at once
  • Simple web registration to connect your printer to your PrinterOn service*
  • Plug-and-Play deployment with auto-configured printer settings
  • Acts as central distribution server to deliver print jobs to other printers
  • Users can submit documents for printing via any device using mobile apps, email or by upload through a web print portal
  • Supported by a range of HP printers, from simple, small color printers (smaller printers may require some additional memory) to larger MFPs
  • Support for secure pull printing

Using PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath with PrinterOn Public

PrinterOn Public coupled with the PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath installed on an HP printer is the perfect solution for public printing locations such as hotels, libraries and airport lounges. This solution enables simple cloud printing from tablets, smartphones, or laptops to any enabled printer, no matter where it is located. It is quick to set up, the printer requires little space and the entire solution is easy on the budget.

Typical Applications:

uest printing for hotels in business centers, lobbies or conference facilities

Pay-for-print public access printing for patrons of libraries

Printing for small and medium businesses who want to give access to secure, simple printing to employees and visitors

Using PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath with PrinterOn Enterprise

PrinterOn Enterprise with the PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath installed on an HP printer provides larger organizations with an On Premise secure mobile printing solution that provides the power to print from literally anywhere to any PrinterOn-enabled printer. Some typical applications for these printers would be remote printing and CoHo (Corporate Office Home Office) printing. By placing the printer at a remote office location or home office, a business can eliminate the need for costly VPNs and deliver secure printing through the corporate network without any change to infrastructure or user workflow.

Typical Applications

  • Secure, enterprise cloud printing for any organization
  • Remote printing to other office locations or third-party locations such as warehouses and logistics providers
  • CoHo (Corporate Office Home Office) printing for an employee’s home-based office

Supported HP devices

For a complete list of HP printers and MFPs that support the HP Workpath platform, go to Samsung