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PrinterOn Enterprise Security Discussion Paper

PrinterOn’s cloud software development experience started in 2001. As a result, today PrinterOn offers the broadest range of printing solutions to address any type of secure cloud printing scenario. PrinterOn also has significant experience with private cloud deployment—behind the organization’s firewall. Today PrinterOn refers to all these PrinterOn deployment options under the banner True Cloud Printing™.

This paper discusses the security of the PrinterOn Enterprise Edition in its three deployment options:
– PrinterOn Managed Cloud
– Third-Party Cloud
– Private Cloud (traditional on-premise 100% behind the firewall)

True Cloud Printing™ eBook

Why is a True Cloud Printing solution such an important part of your move to the cloud? Simply put, if you move your applications to the cloud, you probably won’t be able to print the same way you are used to. In fact, you probably won’t be able to print at all.

Read the eBook to find out why a True Cloud Printing solution is such an important part of your migration to the cloud.

10 Questions to Ask When Comparing Cloud Printing Solutions

Like many organizations, you may be thinking about moving your traditional on premise infrastructure to the cloud. One of the key components that is often overlooked during the planning stage is printing.

Take some time, ask the 10 questions and get they right cloud printing solution for your business.

Remote Printing White Paper

The world is rapidly moving to a do-business-anywhere-at-anytime mode. The Internet and related technologies have made this possible. With the underlying business processes that support this new mode, document printing should be considered earlier in the business transformation process instead of later. The rationale is that printing actually facilitates many critical business processes. Orders and fulfillment are one example.

This paper will examine the drivers in the market leading to the increased demand for Remote Printing. Then it will detail the business use cases for Remote Printing services and the challenges to implementing them. Next it will take a step back and lay out a general solution architecture for a Remote Printing service platform and note some evaluation criteria for selecting an off-the-shelf commercial solution and the benefits of implementation.

The Essential BYOD Printing Guide

Ironically, as BYOD has connected students and staff to school resources, it has actually disconnected them from the printers they often need to use. A BYOD printing solution is all too often just one more challenging integration point for IT departments. This eBook will help you take the first steps towards a successful BYOD printing program at your school.

Read the eBook

Choosing a secure printing platform is not easy. Many of the solutions out there may seem similar on the surface, but once investigated further, they fail to stand up to the demanding requirements of an organization. These 20 questions will help you during your search for a print solution.