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PrinterOn for MobileIron

PrinterOn for MobileIron

MobileIron in addition to the standard PrinterOn Mobile App, PrinterOn also provides PrinterOn for MobileIron, a specific mobile app that adds MobileIron libraries and frameworks to the standard PrinterOn app.

By providing an app that tightly integrates MobileIron SDKs, administrators and organizations can benefit from increased security and app control including:

  • Improved data loss protection through containerization.
  • Greater analytics.
  • Improved compliance.

The PrinterOn for MobileIron mobile app allows users of the MobileIron platform to easily search for and print to any PrinterOn enterprise or public printing location all from one application.

Configure app details centrally – push to users

– Server addresses.
– Default service.
– Lock configuration.
– Optional support message.

“MobileIron Sentry” support

– Secure managed network communication via MobileIron.
– Configure centrally using MobileIron tools.
Enhanced centralized app configuration.