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Cloud Ready Printers

Cloud-ready Printers

PrinterOn has partnered with leading printer manufacturers to provide industry-leading cloud printing power to these award-winning devices. For an all-in-one solution at any location, try a cloud-ready printer available through specific OEM partners. Available in many models, from simple, small footprint to large enterprise-grade MFPs, there is a cloud-ready printer that will fit your specific requirements.

Benefits of cloud-ready printers

  • Coud-ready printers are suitable for any business or public printing location
  • No print server required at remote office locations, connect your cloud-ready printer to the PrinterOn service and you are ready to go
  • Eliminate the need for VPNs
  • Available in many models, from small desktop printers to large MFPs for enterprise mobile printing

HP Workpath cloud-ready printers and MFPs

The PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath provides simple, secure, plug-and-play printing for any business or public printing location. The PrinterOn secure release software can be installed directly on HP printers that support the HP Workpath (formerly HP JetAdvantage Link) platform, which turns them into a cloud print solution and eliminates the need for any extra equipment.

By installing the PrinterOn Agent and registering the printer with your PrinterOn service, you can make your printer available to anybody, even if they are not connected to the same network. With just a few configuration steps, you can have the PrinterOn Agent installed and ready to receive print jobs. The PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath supports both PrinterOn Public and PrinterOn Enterprise editions, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that is right for you.

Benefits of the PrinterOn Agent for HP Workpath

  • Available through HP Command Center, so it can be deployed to multiple HP printers at once
  • Supported by a range of HP printers, from simple, small color printers (smaller printers may require some additional memory) to larger MFPs
  • Simple web registration to connect your printer to your PrinterOn service*
  • Plug-and-Play deployment with auto-configured printer settings
  • Users can submit documents for printing via any device using mobile apps, email or by upload through a web print portal
  • Support for secure pull printing
  • Acts as central distribution server to deliver print jobs to other printers

Ricoh HotSpot cloud-ready printers and MFPs

Combining the powerful technology of Ricoh’s industry-leading printers with PrinterOn cloud printing solutions, these printers provide a plug and play solution for any business or public printing location.

Ricoh HotSpot Printers makes it easy for anyone to print on-the-go from a laptop, tablet or smartphone quickly, conveniently and securely. Depending on your needs, printers are available in many models from simple BW or color laser printers to larger MFPs for enterprise mobile printing.

Ultimate convenience and maximum security

  • Offer trouble-free printing to mobile workers in corporations, visiting attorneys in law firms, on-site contractors or other guests
  • Get more for your investment, HotSpot MFPs can support everyday network printing requirements in addition to mobile printing needs
  • Give access to network printers without giving access to your corporate network
  • Maintain document confidentiality and security, only the person who submits the files has access to the prints