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Cloud Printing Solutions for Airport Lounges

For a frequent business traveler, the ability to print documents for a meeting or conference while waiting for a flight is essential. Travelers carrying smartphones, tablets and laptops like to remain productive during down times between flights. PrinterOn cloud printing solutions can give your members and guests their own “home office” while traveling for business or pleasure.

The PrinterOn Public cloud printing solution provides lounge members, business travelers and guests the power to print documents from smartphones, tablets and laptops to designated printers in airport lounges or other locations throughout an airport without having to download printer drivers or connect to a secured network.

Documents are not released until the user enters the release code on a keypad at the printer which keeps print jobs private. Travelers can also send print jobs to their destination hotel that offers PrinterOn. On arrival, their documents can be released and printed, saving time and relieving the stress of having to find somewhere to print their documents.

  • Web printing portals can be customized with corporate logo and colors.
  • Easy to use solution does not require dedicated staff.
  • Various deployment methods to suit specific areas and locations.
  • Secure release of documents provides confidentiality.
  • Keep travelers productive while waiting for flights.
  • Send print job to hotel for pick up on arrival.
  • Variety of printing methods to suit different work styles – native iOS, email, apps, web print and more.
  • Mobile apps available for easy search and print to all PrinterOn locations.

96% of airline passenger use smartphones while at the airport and 45% use tablets.”

Source: FlightView Survey

Benefits of cloud printing for airport lounges

Drive Brand Loyalty

Keep a competitive edge by offering the latest technology at airport lounges. Frequent business travelers are looking for basic office amenities such as workstations and printing to keep them productive and will book with the brands that provide these important services.

Lower Operating Costs

No need for dedicated staff and high cost equipment. With a PrinterOn embedded printer all you need is someone to supply paper and toner and a connection to the internet. The small footprint of many models enables you to place a printer almost anywhere.

Simplify Administration

The print service is easily managed through a single location. The PrinterOn web console provides access to all settings, printers, configurations and reports making managing and monitoring simple and efficient.

Increase Security

Eliminate the use of USB sticks which can be a potential security risk. With PrinterOn, no guest data ever touches your network or servers preventing unwanted viruses that can harm the entire infrastructure.

Be More Green

20% of all print is waste. PrinterOn prevents documents from automatically printing through a secure release code system. Forgotten documents won’t be left on the printer and end up in the recycling bin which saves paper and consumables.

Improve User Experience

While at the airport on a phone, tablet or laptop, PrinterOn enables travelers to print from any device or location to a convenient printer in the airport lounge keeping them productive while traveling for business.